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Basic Information, Lesson 1
Basic Information, Lesson 2
Basic Information, Lesson 3

Operations with Files and Folders

Files, Folders, Documents
Path to the File
File Name
Operations with Files
Contextual (Pop up) Menu
Folder Properties
Recycle Bin
Files Search

Windows 2000 Help System

Help Using, Lesson 1
Help Using, Lesson 2

Start menu

Start menu, Lesson 1
Start menu, Lesson 2
Start menu, Lesson 3

System Properties

What is Control Panel
System Properties, Lesson 1
System Properties, Lesson 2
Display Properties, Lesson 1
Display Properties, Lesson 2
Display Properties, Lesson 3
Display Properties, Lesson 4
Keyboard Properties
Mouse Properties
Date and Time Properties and Regional Options
Power Options Properties
Add/Remove Programs
Fonts Installation
Add/Remove Hardware
Scanners and Cameras Installation
Fax Properties, Lesson 1
Fax Properties, Lesson 2

Windows Standard programs

Calculator, Lesson 1
Calculator, Lesson 2
Notepad, Lesson 1
Notepad, Lesson 2
Notepad, Lesson 3
Text editor WordPad, Lesson 1
Text editor WordPad, Lesson 2
Clipboard, Lesson 1
Clipboard, Lesson 2

Multimedia and Games

CD Player, Lesson 1
CD Player, Lesson 2
Media Player, Lesson 1
Media Player, Lesson 2
Sound Mixer, Lesson 1
Sound Mixer, Lesson 2
Sound Recorder, Lesson 1
Sound Recorder, Lesson 2
Games, Lesson 1
Games, Lesson 2

Working with Images

Graphic editor Paint, Lesson 1
Graphic editor Paint, Lesson 2
Graphic editor Paint, Lesson 3
Program Imaging, Lesson 1
Program Imaging, Lesson 2
Program Imaging, Lesson 3

System Tools

Disk Cleanup
Disk Defragmenter
Character Map
System Information
Scheduled Tasks
Backup, Lesson 1
Backup, Lesson 2
Backup, Lesson 3
Disk Properties
Task Manager

Working in the Internet

Internet, Lesson 1
Internet, Lesson 2
Internet, Lesson 3
Internet, Lesson 4
Outlook Express, Lesson 1
Outlook Express, Lesson 2
Outlook Express, Lesson 3
Internet Explorer, Lesson 1
Internet Explorer, Lesson 2
Internet Explorer, Lesson 3

Working in the Workgroup

Introduction. LAN. Workgroup. Resources. Network navigation
Network Disks and Paths
Addition of Hyperlinks to Network Resources
Network Printer. Creation of Shared Resources
Search for Computers and Files in the Network

Additional possibilities of Windows 2000 Professional

MMC. General Conceptions. Snap-ins
Working with Snap-ins
Shared Folders Snap-in
Local Users & Groups snap-in. Users. Accounts
Change of Accounts
Groups. Accounts Membership
Groups. Addition. Originality. Classified groups

Alternative Way of Working with Users and Groups

Window Users & Passwords, Tab Users
Account Tools

Users Profiles

Users Profiles
Location of Profiles. Profile Preview
Information on the Hard Disk (Part 1)
Information on the Hard Disk (Part 2)
Start Menu Administration
Log in as Another User. Restriction of his rights
Forming of Profiles Folders
Copying the Profile. Roaming Profiles
Roaming Profiles Setting
Changing the Profile Type
Mandatory Profiles
Concluding Lesson

Conception of Active Directory. Domain Windows 2000

Basic Conceptions. Windows 2000 Settings for Working in Domain
Structure of the Network (Lesson 1)
Structure of the Network (Lesson 2)

Access Control to Shared Resources

Introduction. Permissions Primary Settings
Permissions Setting Rule (Lesson 1)
Permissions Setting Rule (Lesson 2)
Access Denied Setting
The Main Rule of Permissions and Denials Setting
Access Control without Logging in Domain
Hidden Resources. System Resources

Offline Files

Creation of Offline Folders
Offline Folders Using
Caching Modes Comparing. Settings Additional Options

Security Policy

Password Policy
Account Lockout Policy
Audit Policy
User Rights Assignment and Security Options
Security Levels. Security Templates
Creation of Security Management Console
Security Configuration and Analysis Snap-in
Event Viewer
Restriction of Membership in Groups
The File System Objects Security